Meet Kelle

Kelle Williams is a strange bird who loves wine and grapes, but she also love the culture around the vineyards. She know the names of every one of those vineyards, and she know the vintage of every wine.

She Loves The Food!

There are many lovely restaurants in the Napa Valley such as The French Laundry. The food in this area is among the best in the world because it attracts all the people who love to pair wine with food. Kelle knows very well every one of these restaurants, and they can probably recite the menu to you.

She Knows Too Well!

Kelle knows a little bit too much about each facility. She could almost give you a tour of each vineyard on their own, and that makes it very hard for people to enjoy their own visits. She knows the vintages of the wines she loves, and she often corrects people who want to learn about them. Kelle corrects tour guides in the vineyards, and often answers questions posed by guests.

She Is Serious About Wine!

Kelle is the sort of woman who thinks that she has a patent on loving wine. She makes value judgements on the vineyards based on how much she thinks they care about wine, and it is hard for people to get a word in edgewise.

Kelle meant well when they started to visit the area, but she has taken things too far. She is constantly teased by her friends about wine, and she annoy all the strangers around them who only want to have a glass of wine, enjoy the tour, and see the pretty landscape.