Q: Why should I use rental decor  for my wedding?

A: While rental decor is not food, music, or flowers: it's role is  still important. rental decor will help personalize and set your wedding apart in a unique way.

Our inventory leaves a lasting impression and really makes your wedding feel like your wedding. An intimate extension of your taste, lifestyle, and personality. 

Q: why should I rent my items from XOXO vintage?

A:   Vintage furniture is timeless and classic, it has an ageless quality.

Sometimes pieces just need a little help going back to their former glory. at xoxo vintage we reupholster almost every piece of furniture (ourselves) to make sure our inventory fit 's beautifully in today's wedding market. We do our very best to make vintage modern.

Q: How much do items cost to rent?
A: It all depends! There is a wide range of pricing. Our sofas range from 275-325 dollars to rent per day and our small decor items can are as low as 10 dollars to rent. We have a current price list that we can send your way.

Q: How will I get my rentals?

A: For most orders we will deliver them to your venue, and pick them up! Easy Peasy. A delivery fee  will apply.  many Small orders are available for pickup and will be packaged and ready to go for your event. 

Q: Where are you willing to rent to?
A: We are based out of Annapolis, Maryland and serve the greater Annapolis & Baltimore areas. We will take on events within the surrounding areas of  Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We love going somewhere new, Just ask!

​​Q: Can I come check out something I am interested in?

A: YES, absolutely! We would love to meet our brides and grooms and talk about your big day.  we love to help you pick out the best rentals for you. just send us a message and we can decide on a date.

Q: Is all of your inventory vintage?

A: While the majority of our items are well worn and well loved, some things are newer. Almost all of our furniture is truly vintage that has been reupholstered for a newer, more modern feel. We will include anything that we believe to have a timeless quality, be beautiful, and look sensational at an event.

​​Q: I have a specific vision for my event, but it doesn't exist yet, can you help?

A: We would be thrilled to create something for you. Please contact us to see if we can help make something spectacular together!

Q: I want to use your inventory, but I don't know where to start?

A: We enjoy brainstorming decor options. Please let us know that you would be interested in learning about how our inventory can best be used for your event.  

Q: What are the most popular decor items?

A: Our most popular decor items are our lounge groupings consisting of upholstered sofas and chairs. A close second are our marquee lighted signs. These pieces speak for themselves are sure to be both enjoyed and remembered at your event.