Is It OK To Have Your Dog At The Family Winery

Dogs love wine too, right? OK, maybe not. But any dog expert will tell you that what dogs love more than anything is going to your family winery. OK, again, maybe not. However, that doesn’t mean your dog wouldn’t enjoy being by your side at the family winery. Because one thing that we do know for sure is that dogs love being outside. They love the fresh air, being able to use their sniffers outdoors, and more than anything else – they love being with you. So, is it acceptable to take your dog to the family winery? That will depend on a couple of factors.

First, does your family winery have a no dogs allowed policy? Due to some health food restrictions, it may be against the institution to allow your dog to come taste wine with you. This is nothing against your dog. In more cases than not, if the winery you are attending serves food, having your dog present is considered a health violation. The fur and the slobber could contaminate the food and if anyone is allergic to your four-legged friend, we definitely don’t want a piece of your dog’s hair landing on the wrong plate. So, just to be safe, always check with your winery to make sure they are pet-friendly. Make sure to ask if they have a patio, too! Sometimes, even though the dogs won’t be allowed inside, they can sit out on the patio with you or even roam the vineyards.

If you do find that you are able to take your dog to a family winery, here a few helpful tips to remember:

1. Don’t forget the leash! Having a leash is probably the most critical thing to remember when bringing your dog anywhere with you. Out of respect for the other customers and to keep your dog from invading their space, it is best to keep your dog on a leash at all times. Especially if other customers decide to bring their dogs too, it would be awful if the dogs got into a fight. So, don’t forget the leash when walking out the door.

2. Provide a home for your dog. Your dog will need somewhere to go to get away from all of the action. This can be a quiet room, or at the very least a dog crate or bed where they can be comfortable and remain calm. Dogs are animals with an instinct to “den”, and you have to make sure that they have that option if they will be with you all day at work. You can find more about choosing a suitable crate at

3. Bring a dish for the dog! No, not for the wine, silly. Bring a dish for your dog to have some water. If your dog is only allowed outside or on the patio, he is going to get thirsty! Make sure that you bring a water dish along with you. You shouldn’t need to bring the water but don’t expect your family winery to accommodate you with a dog bowl.

4. Bring distractions. Dogs are a lot like kids. They need to be distracted and entertained a lot! If you find that your dog is bored and he seems tired of watching you sip on your wine, make sure he has something to chew on. Bring his favorite chew toy or keep a couple bones in your pocket.

5. Bring some treats! If your dog is being a good boy and behaving in public, you should reward him! Remember that your dog probably isn’t used to hanging out at the family winery and the scenery will be all new to him. At first, he will probably sniff and be excited over every sound and moving thing. When he behaves and doesn’t act too wild in the new environment, make sure he gets a reward!

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