Wine and Electric Skateboards – Is This Mixer Fun or Extremely Dangerous?

It all seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe you got a bonus from work; maybe that big investment finally paid off. Whatever the reason, you knew that you had to have that electric skateboard. The sweet deck had been beckoning you for months; you’d been looking at the specs online, you’d even visited the storefront when you were in the neighborhood. That board was going to be yours – and finally it was.

You invited all your friends over and surprise – everyone showed up. Someone brought a bottle of wine, someone brought some beer. Everyone was drinking and pretty soon people start asking to try out your new board. Sure; you’d let people take a spin, but you get to try it first. Wine in hand, you kick off down the driveway.

ou’re gaining speed; the wind’s in your hair. Everything seems fine until you hit that small rock. Now you’re hurting everywhere. The wine glass is broken; you’re bleeding for some reason. Everyone’s crowded around you. Where’s your skateboard?

A great idea can have a really bad outcome. We all know that drinking and driving only ends in tears, but drinking and riding electric skateboards can, too. Electric skateboards go surprisingly fast; you can gain a lot of speed in a surprisingly short amount of time. Even though you have a lot of control over the board, your feet can slip out from under you. This is especially true if you’ve had a glass or two of wine to drink.

You need to have a clear head when operating any electric vehicle. This goes for electric bikes and electric scooters, too. You’re operating a vehicle, even if it is one that you also drive with your feet. Even if you’re only skating on your driveway, there can be obstacles that you miss if your wits aren’t about you. Those small rocks that you might dodge around under normal circumstances can knock you right over if you’re under the influence. Don’t take chances; skate with a clear head.

This all goes double if you want to skate on the road. Drivers think they own the road; they aren’t very generous when it comes to sharing the road with skaters. Your new electric board moves faster than they expect. Stay sober when skating; keep your wits sharp, and stay clear of cars. You’ll be safer on the road if you do.

Electric skateboards are lots of fun. You can gain tons of speed in no time at all; you can execute tricks with grace you never imagined. The best beginner’s boards can be customized in all kinds of ways, too. You want to be in one piece to enjoy your new board, right? Don’t drink and skate. Take time to finish the wine and sober up a little bit before getting on the board. You’ll be glad that you did.

Kelle Williams

Kelle Williams is a wine enthusiast. She not only travelled the country but also went abroad to study and know the culture of it. She currently lives in California with a winery business.

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